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Tired of Cable Companies charging you fees on top of fees totaling up to $150-$200 a month?
Do you have Reliable Home WIFI?
Do you have a Amazon Fire Stick or Fire box or Android box?
I can install multiple APKS that provides unlimited Streams of Movies and Pre-Recorded TV Shows, thats right stop paying Hulu or Netflix cause you get all the shows on these free apps  
Includes 30 days of premium HD Live Tv and any PPV'S /Sport events (Monthly subscription)

Gears Reloaded TV is revolutionizing the industry with premium channels such as HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and Starz. With kids and family channels such as Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, and Cartoon Network! Cut the Cord from your cable provider and see how our service pays for itself, with just ONE Pay-Per-View event. YES, BECAUSE THAT’S INCLUDED IN YOUR SUBSCRIPTION AT NO ADDITIONAL COST! 

Gears Reloaded TV is the go to IPTV service for Sports lovers. Watch every NFL game with  NFL Sunday Ticket plus NBA League Pass & NHL Center Ice

With Two options to Chose from to meet your needs and budget

Most importantly we can do it at home via this site simply by using downloader app on your firestick and entering this web site, Don’t forget the dashes

We try to save you money and make your service purchase as easy as possible!!!  

We also have devices for sale pre-loaded ready for plug and play if your interested (Local Orders In Chicago IL Only)

Do you want more for your Dollar?

Monthly Rates

Both services Come with the same 400 channel list

  1. Gears TV (No guide) $20.00 A month, One line of service, basically 66 cents a day!

  2. Gears Reloaded TV (With guide and features) $30.00 a month One line of service, basically $1 a day

Please be advised services purchased can not be used on different devices at the same time. if this is being abused we will suspend the service.

If you need extra lines for the family we provide discounts rates

GEARS TV (no guide) GEARS RELOADED (with guide+features)

2 lines $35.00 a month 2 lines $55 a month

3 lines $ $55.00 a month 3 lines $80.00 a month

4 lines $70.00 a month 4 lines $110.00 a month

Gears Reloaded Features with Guide Demo

Download your APK here via downloaded on your fire stick

Click on Filelinked button below to download filelinked to your device and gain access to these apks for free enter code 79580370